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Legacy Art Santa Barbara

The Birth of a Legacy

Legacy Art Sanata Barbara (LASB) is the new "art hub" in Santa Barbara by artists, for artists and art lovers.  Our beautiful, artistic, zen-like space of 1400-1700 Sq. Ft accommodating 100-130 guests consist of the Legacy Art Listening Room for unique and outstanding performances, Legacy Art Gallery for eclectic feature visual art exhibitions and a meaningful gathering and intimate events space.  

We aim to Empower, Enlighten and Engage while celebrating and supporting the creative human spirit and the community while honoring local artists and patrons through their legacy and creation through multiple art forms, mental health care & increase in well-being bringing the community and the world together. 



Listening Room Series

Experience Music

Harvest Moon Celebration

Entertainment You’ll Love

Art Matters

Evolution, Economics, Education and Health

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